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7 Best CRMs To Use While Running Facebook Lead Ads

Do you know? Approximately 98% of the Facebook customer base scroll their account on mobile devices? The platform introduced an intuitive business advertising tool, called Facebook Lead Ads, to utilize this opportunity.

FB leads are information pieces related to a user’s preferences and behavior on the platform. It is pretty easy to download but requires a tedious process, which is why handling them gets a bit tricky. If you approach users after days of their interaction with the ads on Facebook, they might have already lost interest. Hence, this is where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software comes in handy.

CRM works pretty efficiently as it arranges the FB leads in the minimum time possible to serve your business. It will become a cakewalk for you to manage & react quickly to the interests of your leads. Below are the seven best CRMs that you should consider.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular and reliable choice across businesses of all scales to integrate their FB leads. Its CRM system helps you in every domain, including e-commerce, marketing, financial setup, sales, and service. Salesforce has been serving its customers for 20 years now and handles approx. 150 thousand businesses today.

You can skip the coding FB leads integration with Salesforce by employing Leadsbridge or similar tools. Overall, the process becomes simple with CRM, where you get the relevant FB leads. Moreover, it enables you to sync and categorize their target users and conversions. You can readily market, sell, and provide service with a single view of information on customer interactions.

Let us talk about Pricing. Salesforce allows you to subscribe to their services with the following plan variants, billed annually. You can also get their free trials to get the hang of its features and process handling.

  • Essentials – 25 USD per month per user
  • Professional – 75 USD per month per user.
  • Enterprise – 150 USD per month per user.
  • Unlimited – 300 USD per month per user.

2. Hubspot

HubSpot is another excellent feature-packed CRM that has been designed specifically for finding and converting leads. It aids in amassing and organizing the FB leads for you, helping you follow up in the conversion time frame. The relevancy plays a fundamental role which it takes care of pretty efficiently with its various software. You can readily track, manage, and build a relationship with your leads and persist in the same.

Moreover, HubSpot lets you integrate over 200 apps to enhance the functionality quotient. It enables you to send bulk emails to possible leads without cost and create a personalized experience. Whenever a customer opts for the services, you can receive the notification to send a Welcoming follow-up. It can be automated with the integration of HubSpot with FB Leads Ads campaign and properly syncing them.


Here are the prices for the HubSpot subscription categories, which are possible if you pay them annually.

  • Starter” plan would cost 45 USD per month. (Or 50 USD per month if paid monthly)
  • Professional” plan would cost 450 USD per month. (Or 500 USD per month if paid monthly)
  • Enterprise plan would cost 1200 USD per month.

3. Zoho

It is another heavy-hitter with a systematic integration feature to follow the leads and monitor social activities. What is unique? First, the provided tools with this Zoho CRM platform let you manage the FB leads with a proper communication channel. Second, its free package empowers the users with all the necessary functionalities needed for successful conversions.

Zoho’s capability to manage and track the leads with its Facebook Ads managing tools saves you some extra steps. With monitoring methods and discerning what is working & what is not – you can steer your impactful steps in the right direction. The comprehensive dashboard shows you every social media activity in one place. Moreover, its sales automation feature embedded in this CRM works with FB integration, making the process quick and fruitful.

One can readily work for the best interests of their customers by interaction tools and methods that suit best. Phone, Email, Live Chat, Social-media, Web conferencing, Self-service are some reliable communication options you get. The reports regarding real-time sales also help you make informed future follow-up decisions.


It also has a free plan which makes you familiar with its handy features and management tools. Zoho CRM has the following monthly prices if you subscribe to and pay them every year (billed annually).

  • Free” edition would cost nothing. (0.00 USD per month) It allows up to 3 users for no cost and works well for home businesses.
  • Standard” edition costs 800 INR per month per user.
  • Professional” edition costs 1400 INR per month per user.
  • Enterprise” edition costs 2400 INR per month per user.
  • Ultimate” edition costs 2600 INR per month per user.

4. Agile CRM

Knowing your customer applies here as well as Agile CRM enables you to accumulate the essential social media activity information of your leads. You will get to know about their interests beforehand and contact them with personalized emails & notifications. Consequently, it will enhance the lead conversion rate while reinforcing the contact records.

Besides, Agile tracks the information, including brand mentions, key influencers, and trends, to automate the marketing process. Agile CRM features a strong mobile tool, generating essential leads in no time. Hence, you can follow up with a more effective approach. You can readily customize deal tracking, data categories, crucial follow-ups to ensure re-approach whenever necessary.


It has a free plan as well, which can support up to 10 users. Here are the pricing categories if paid annually.

  • Starter – 9.99 USD per user/month
  • Regular – 39.99 USD per user/month
  • Enterprise – 64.99 USD per user/month

5. Freshsales

Freshsales (formerly Freshworks ) is an intuitive CRM that features a unique tool that provides Facebook insights. It can link you directly with the messenger, which gives all the information regarding Facebook engagements. Precisely stating, you can know your leads better, enhancing the chances of reliable conversions. The AI-integrated tool gives you scoring reports about leads allowing you to automate the updating process for tasks at hand.

Here is the list of some essential features.

  • Comprehensive Mobile app integration
  • Unlimited users
  • Stores and Manages leads, conversions, and deals
  • Calling feature within the CRM
  • Administer chatbots for your website
  • Schedule and Organize Email marketing events, and many more


Here are the plans billed annually to choose from.

  • Free – 0.00 INR
  • Growth – 999 INR per user/month
  • Pro – 2799 INR per user/month
  • Enterprise – 4999 INR per user/month

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is an all-inclusive solution that provides actionable insights into your sales, customer, and marketing requirements. Dynamics 365 helps your business flourish with thorough reports and data, providing a better opportunity for converting FB leads. The real-time insights on proper integration with the Facebook Leads Ads campaign become a solid pro-marketing strategy.

Moreover, it offers AI integration within its platform that eases tracking and managing tasks. You can customize and categorize the leads as per the relevance to take the actions with preference order. The flexible deployment capabilities and architecture empower you to customize the individual business requirements.

It is evident that Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM comes integrated with other Microsoft tools, like Excel, Outlook, etc., which offers a huge advantage.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with a range of plans and add-ons. We have enlisted the Customer Engagement (Base Licence) pricing here.

  • Sales Enterprise – 95 USD per user/month
  • Sales Professional – 65 USD per user/month
  • Customer Service Enterprise – 95 USD per user/month
  • Customer Service Professional – 50 USD per user/month

7.  Vtiger CRM

The Vtiger CRM system empowers the customers to align the FB ads data and recognize potential leads. It helps shape the sales, marketing, and customer support domain with efficient unified customer data. You can integrate this CRM platform with the FB Lead Ads campaign to receive and manage the data in its quickest.

It solves the underlying mismanagement of lost deals and churning customers with its interconnected and organized approach. Your business teams get on the same page with the available data and actions taken in real-time. It has an excellent feature to create the ads campaign on Facebook. Further, it automatically captures the data from the campaigns to optimize it for follow-ups. It allows you to chat within CRM on FB messenger and create a deal from the webchat.


You can avail of their services with their range of plans. The prices mentioned are as per the annually billing.

  • One Professional Plan
  • “Standard” plan would cost 2100 INR per user/month
  • “Single App” integration would cost 1400 INR per user/month
  • One Enterprise Plan
  • “Standard” Plan would cost 2940 INR per user/month
  • “Single App” integration would cost 2100 INR per user/month

They bill these plans every year, but you can also turn to the monthly billing that slightly increases the cost.

Steps to integrate a CRM with Facebook lead ads form

Here are a few steps you need to follow to integrate your CRM with lead ads.

  • Visit your Facebook page
  • Check the Publishing Tools section at the top and click it.
  • Click Leads Setup.
  • Enter the CRM name in the search box to find if it’s available for integration. A blue connect button shows that the CRM is available.
  • Click on the blue button to start the integration process.

Final Thoughts

Always subscribe to a feature-packed CRM system that eases the marketing and sales process. Follow the specific instructions in accordance with to software to connect the FB leads ads campaigns to it. The above seven CRMs are the best in the market. Choose the one that’s pertinent to your business requirements.

Check out the list of available CRMs here on this link. Even if your CRM doesn’t feature in this list, we will still help you integrate it with our customized solutions. Our charges are USD 999 for a custom integration and support to help you run FB leads. Contact us today to know more details about our services.


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